imarket FAQs


If you are a broker and you need support please call the imarket helpdesk on 0207 265 5765

For any other enquiry, please use the contact us form.

imarket is funded by its insurer members and is available free to participating brokers and software houses. If you’re an insurer, please contact us to find out more.

If you are a Broker and have a query relating to registering on imarket, please get in touch with your Software House.

If you have already registered and have a query relating to obtaining access to a particular Insurer’s products/services (Insurer product/service classification) then please contact that specific Insurer.

Software House contact details for imarket Registration and Insurer contact details for Classification Queries can be found here.

We develop separate data standards for the following classes of motor insurance – all of which require electronic cover notes (ECN). Click on the links below to download them. A data standard also exists to support the information that’s provided to insurers – e.g. for audit trails.

  • ECN agriculture
  • ECN Commercial Vehicle
  • ECN motorcycle
  • ECN motor fleet
  • ECN motor trade
  • ECN private car
  • ECN special type
  • ECN taxi

We have worked with CGI who has developed an application to support electronic cover notes via imarket.
To use this application, please call CGI on 0845 456 1956.

If you’re a broker wishing to use this facility, please contact your insurer to check they provide this facility.

To access imarket you need a web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and cookies must be enabled (see our privacy statement for more on how to use them).


After you request access to imarket, we’ll check the application with your chosen insurer (which typically takes between two and three days). If your request is successful, we’ll then send you a welcome pack. For integrated trading you’ll also need to enable your broker system (your software house should be able to advise you on this).

When your administrator creates your ID, you’ll be given a temporary password.
The first time you use the system you’ll be asked to change it.

Your new password must be 8-10 characters and contain at least one number and one letter (if your temporary password has expired you will need to ask your administrator to reset it for you).

Every organisation that is set up on imarket will have an administrator.
You should ask your administrator to provide you with access to the system.

Your password is case-sensitive – so check that caps lock isn’t on.
If you still get an error message, it’s likely that you’ve been ‘locked out’ of the system (this happens when you enter your user ID or password incorrectly three times in a row, or if you haven’t used the system for 45 days). If this is the case, please contact your administrator and ask them to reset it for you.

You can request a new imarket password and receive a security code by email without having to call the imarket helpdesk.
To reset your imarket password, please click here.

Broker Set Up

You can only request services through imarket from an insurer if you have an agency agreement with them. Please contact the insurer to get this (insurer contact details can be found here.

If you already have an agency agreement with the insurer, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log on as an administrator
  3. Select admin tab
  4. Select the branch of your organisation (if more than one). If you have more than one branch, each has to be selected.
  5. Select ‘Register with new insurer’ from the menu on the left hand side of the page
  6. Click on the insurers you wish to trade with online and click the arrow button to move the insurer across to the ‘Selected insurers’ box.
  7. Enter your agency account number for each insurer and click on ‘Submit’.
  8. Your request will be sent to the insurer concerned who will contact you directly to confirm access.

As part of the imarket Continuous Improvement programme it was agreed that Software Houses could act on behalf of brokers during the imarket setup process, this was to facilitate brokers using insurer imarket products via a Software House.

For more information, please click here.

Brokers may, through the result of mergers or acquisitions or restructuring, want to change their trading relationship with insurers via their SWH system and imarket. The following are examples of why this may occur:

  1. Amending broker branches on a SWH system.
  2. Moving a broker branch from one SWH to another.
  3. Aligning branches so that they operate on a single deal/commission arrangement with an insurer.
  4. Amending the insurer accounts that a broker branch uses.
  5. Amending a broker branch’s address details, so that documentation/reports correctly reflect details.

For more information on this process please click here.

Insurer Set Up

User roles are classifications of services, predetermined within the system, with services attached to them. They exist to make it easier for you to restrict services to particular users (if you want to) and provide clarity about the services you offer.

For example, if staff within your organisation deal with all aspects of personal motor insurance, you might decide to create a department called ‘motor’ and allocate ‘personal motor’ and ‘personal accounts’ user roles to the department.

Insurer Branded imarket Services (IBiS) allow you to keep your own branding while re-using the imarket security facilities on your website.

IBiS also offers a number of benefits to brokers – for example, they can use their imarket security credentials to access insurers’ or managing agents’ websites directly. This means a broker only needs one user ID and password for most of the insurer or managing agent sites they visit.

IBiS is free of charge to imarket insurers and offers an excellent way to capitalise further on your imarket investment.
For more information on IBiS please contact us.

Software House Set Up

Before trading in the live imarket environment, all integrating software house applications must pass a series of community tests to ensure they meet our criteria. We carry out the first of these tests on behalf of all imarket insurer members.

The test scripts we use are available to integrating software houses upon request. Which tests we perform will depend upon the level of integration and functionality of the integrating application.

Once we approve the tests, insurers should check to see if their own systems can connect to the software house application; that the services they’ll be providing are accessible; and that the correct rates are returned for specific risk scenarios. The extent of this insurer connectivity testing will depend upon the individual insurer and their specific requirements.