Enabling brokers to chat digitally with insurers

Polaris has worked with insurers and software houses to provide a consistent Live-Chat experience for brokers to chat with insurers


Sophisticated Routing

Customer enquiries are routed directly to the operator best able to support their query

Reduces Costs

Quick and efficient communication routes removing the need for call centres

Wide Use

Supports all products and areas of the business

Multi Channel

Brokers can chat with you via their broker system or on your extranet

Current users


Chats initiated in 2023


Broker satisfaction rate


Brokers say Live-Chat is their preferred communication method with insurers

Standard Features

Available with a standard Live-Chat package

Chat Transcript Export

At the end of each chat, the broker and insurer both receive a copy of the chat transcript. This can be saved against their records which is really helpful for contract certainty and auditing.

Hourly Reporting

Reports can be viewed in HTML and printed or downloaded in several formats. With hourly segments, the data can be viewed in easy to understand graphs and tables.

Bespoke Reporting

Commission your own reports to ensure the pertinent information is delivered to your requirements.

Auto Storing of Chats

Set up rules to automatically close, store and categorise the chats after a defined period. Save operator time and ensure the dashboard stays tidy and manageable during busy periods.

Conversions Script

This tool will enable you to track onsite conversions and credit any assisting event such as the referrer or chat.


Display operator and chat metrics on screen in real time to keep track of chat performance and agent work flow.

API Integration

Extract raw data from the Click4Assistance systems at the frequency you define, for injection into legacy systems or for your own reporting purposes.

CRM Integration

Includes integrations to CRM systems- currently MS Dynamics and Salesforce.

Extranet Integration

Integrate to your chosen extranet.

ChatBot (Form Based)

Fully automated, the Formbot will converse with your customer, asking questions and collecting answers, whilst prompting for their contact details.

ChatBot (Full AI)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) understands the meaning of a question when posed different ways. The chatbot AI is built using IBM Watson to provide natural language processing.

Agent Assist

The solution will identify words used within the visitors’ message to suggest possible responses, even before the message is sent.

Smart cast

Seamlessly display information to your visitors during a chat. Expanding the chat window quickly and easily to cast any webpage, casting your own promotional, informative or functional content.

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