UK General Moves to ProductWriter Cloud

PW Cloud was released in June this year as a new and improved way to access the ProductWriter Toolset. The update brings multiple benefits including, increased security and accessibility, a minimized reliance on in-house resources and easier product development – especially for start-ups and smaller organisations.

The software is currently used by the UK’s leading insurers, including over 80 personal and commercial lines insurers and MGA’s, who use the software to develop products and rating models. The technology enables insurers, brokers and software houses to deliver millions of online quotes based on complex pricing decisions every day.

ProductWriter Cloud is hosted on a secured, encrypted Microsoft Azure environment, further enhancing data security.

Hosting on the cloud also means the need to install the software locally and on premise is removed making it more accessible to more users. In addition, by removing the need for an on premise solution, we have opened up an opportunity for existing customers, start-ups and smaller organisations to take advantage of our market leading ProductWriter suite by providing an even more cost effective and easily managed solution.

Rakesh Krishnan, ProductWriter Manager at Polaris, added: “Our Cloud offering will enable our customers to avoid regular installations on their IT infrastructure and provide new and niche customers with ready capability to build products in-house or by using third party specialists. These changes are a direct result of the feedback that we regularly receive from our very active user community. Their commitment has helped to strengthen ProductWriter’s position in the market.”

For assistance with the move and to find out more information, please contact:
ProductWriter team [email protected]