RSA’s Rob Flynn appointed as new Polaris Board Chair

Polaris UK, the insurance industry owned, digital trading technology provider, today announces the appointment of Rob Flynn, UK SME Director of RSA Insurance as Chair of its Board.

The Polaris Board is composed of representatives from leading insurers and brokers, which collectively steer its mission of facilitating efficient digital trading across Personal and Commercial Insurance lines. Polaris’ products and services are used by over 100 insurance organisations to build, control, and distribute digital insurance products.

In March this year, Polaris had announced record industry-wide usage of its products, including more than 500,000 policies traded on imarket and an all-time high usage of its ProductWriter, Standards and Live-Chat offerings.

Rob Flynn has been a Board member of Polaris since 2020. He succeeds Deepak Soni, Director of Commercial at AXA Insurance, who served as Polaris’ Chairperson for the last four years.

Commenting on the appointment, Vivek Banga, Managing Director of Polaris said: “What makes Polaris unique is our industry ownership model and the support that we get from the industry which then widely uses our products and services. We are very fortunate to have senior industry professionals on our Board, guiding and supporting our initiatives. My team and I are very thankful to Deepak for his support during his tenure with Polaris, both as a director and then Chair and now we look forward to working with Rob as he moves into the Chairperson role.”

Rob Flynn commented “Polaris plays a crucial role in bringing together the industry on various initiatives that promote digital trading. The company has seen substantial growth in the usage of its products and services as the industry continues to rapidly embrace digital trading. I look forward to working with Polaris as it delivers the tools and systems to facilitate the industry’s continued digital journey.”


Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn is UK SME Director at RSA Insurance, covering all lines of distribution. His role is to define and deliver a compelling and coherent growth strategy for the segment, achieving outperformance for customers, brokers, shareholders, and people.

He has been with RSA for 13 years with time prior spent in Personal Lines: previously Managing Director of direct brand More Th>n, and latterly leading UK Household across all lines of distribution – direct, Affinity and Broker.

In the ten years before joining RSA, Rob focused on operating model and digital transformation for KPMG across numerous clients, with similar earlier spells at Nationwide Building Society and Barclays.

About RSA Insurance
RSA Insurance is a multinational insurance group. We are one of the world’s oldest general insurers, providing peace of mind to individuals and protecting small businesses and large organisations from uncertainty. We use our capabilities to anticipate and improve outcomes for customers via our direct channel, our broker relationships or partner organisations. We have established businesses in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. 
In 2021, the former RSA Group Plc came under new ownership and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intact Financial Corporation, the largest provider of property and casualty insurance in Canada.   

About Polaris

Polaris is a UK general insurance industry-owned provider of core and widely used digital trading technology.
Its purpose is to support the industry to digitally trade efficiently across personal and commercial lines.  
Polaris’ products are used by over 100 general insurance organisations to build, control and distribute digital insurance products. 

Its four core products are:

  • Standards, the digital trading language that covers 20 main insurer products. It simplifies the build and effective distribution of insurance products across the industry.
  • ProductWriter, a market-leading rating engine that powers over £10 billion GWP of insurance each year
  • imarket, the commercial insurance solution that connects 2,000 brokers to insurer products and trades over 500,000 policies annually.
  • Live-Chat allows brokers to have their questions answered by relevant insurer departments from within their digital platforms in a secure, auditable manner.
  • Each year Polaris benefits from more than 1,000 hours of insight from the various industry advisory groups that it manages. It invests a significant proportion of its earnings combined with the industry insight it receives, into projects and R&D for the benefit of the industry.