Press Coverage Roundup

It’s been a successful past year for Polaris, in which we continued to progress our mission of enabling digital trading standards and capability within the UK insurance industry. We delivered various projects across our three products including;

  • Three major ProductWriter releases as well as moving the software to the cloud
  • New industry Standards for Pet Insurance and GIG economy
  • Major upgrade of imarket’s Live-chat facility, helping support a 32% growth in imarket’s policy count
  • As we worked on these projects, we continued to share our perspectives with the industry press, including on topics such as the industry’s changing perception towards insurtechs, supporting transitions from legacy systems to more modern technology and the promotion of collaboration within the industry.

    We also gave Polaris’s views on how the insurance industry could address some of the main concerns brokers raised in the Insurance Times e-trading survey.

    Links to the latest Polaris press and news

  • Insurance Age – Vivek Banga Q & A March 2020

    A year into his role as Polaris MD, Vivek Banga met with Insurance Age to share his views on how Polaris is incorporating new technologies into its products, how relevant e-trading is in an increasingly digital world and why he would like to see more broker input into how it evolves.
  • Insurance Times Insurtech Hype Halts as Disruptors Morph Into Collaborators March 2020
    Vivek Banga met with IT to talk about insurtech collaboration, use of data and etrading digital transformation.
  • Insurance Time – Etrading Results: Brokers ‘must make it explicit’ how they want to trade May 2020 Simon Bloomfield, Head of imarket, analysed the verbatim comments raised by brokers in the e-trading survey conducted by the Insurance Times earlier this year. Off the back of his analysis he suggested some areas of focus for the industry to improve customer service, with a focus on referrals and Live-chat, as well as how some of the more complex issues might be addressed by the insurance market.
  • Post Magazine and Equinox Round Table Event – The Rush to Technology March 2020
    Attended by ProductWriter Manager David Simpkin, conversations focused around customer journey, customer expectations and the adoption of technology within the industry.
  • BIBA The Broker – Technology and Innovation February 2020

    In this interview with BIBA Vivek Banga talks about technology and innovation in the insurance industry and in particular the support available for brokers looking to embrace digital change
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