ProductWriter Release 31.02

What’s New in this Release?

Testing Enhancements
We’ve made it easier to maintain test cases and have added new features to the test scheme editor, batch testing tools and to the debugger.
These changes will help improve the speed of testing, in terms of managing test cases and creating/editing test cases and in turn increase the speed to market for new products and rate changes.

Improved Performance
Performance has been further improved to support the most complicated & competitive products and meet the demands of price comparison websites.

ProductWriter Driven Enrichment Enhancements
The ProductWriter driven enrichment capability has been further developed to allow your product to not only dynamically decide when to use data enrichment, it can now also loop through subsequent enrichment calls.
The data enrichment feature can support traditional enrichment sources as well as giving you the capability to integrate with other data sources e.g. Machine Learning models.

Enhanced Machine Learning Model Support
The supported Predictive Model Mark-up Language (PMML) feature set has been extended to now support further form of PMML, meaning ProductWriter can now support a greater number of models created by machine learning tools. We have also increased ProductWriter’s capability to run models 20X larger than previously supported.

Improved Rating Engine Performance
Various changes have been made to the ProductWriter rating engine (RTE) to improve performance. The major improvement is that the RTE now handles large large dictionaries and large groups is much quicker, providing faster rating for more complex products and schemes.

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About ProductWriter

ProductWriter is the UK’s most widely used product definition and rating engine used by over 100 insurers.
The RTE rating engine has the speed to rate millions of quotes an hour with sub second response times, whilst the toolset allows pricing and product teams to collaborate and quickly build, test and deploy any line of product.
ProductWriter is regularly developed in collaboration with our users, with updates also addressing market and consumer changes so our users can get the best of it ProductWriter.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn how ProductWriter could improve your rating sophistication and speed to market.

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