ProductWriter Release 29.01

About our releases

The enhancements and new features that we deliver in every release are based on feedback from our users. The ProductWriter suite has over £1m R&D investment every year to bring at least two major releases alongside some mini releases.
Each release is filled with helpful features and changes designed to improve user experience, increase efficiency and keep our users up to speed with the latest technological advances.

Release 29.01 overview

Some of the improvements in this release include;

Repository Optimisation
We’ve optimized the repository performance to better support the handling of larger repositories.

Copy & Paste Rules Across Dictionaries
Users can now copy & paste rules across dictionaries, making building new products easier.

Auto Create user defined properties when Copying & Pasting Rules
The option to now automatically create user defined properties was designed to save our users time when copying rules.

ProductWriter Cloud

ProductWriter Cloud users can find this update automatically added to your shortcuts and you will be able to start benefitting from the updates straight away.

On premise users

You will need to install and update the software package. You can find the files below;

Installation Instructions
Upgrade Package

Interested in ProductWriter Cloud?

We introduced ProductWriter Cloud last year to upgrade the current on-premise software. ProductWriter Cloud users benefit from automatic updates, increased security and greater accessibility to the software.
If you currently have the on-premise software and would like to transition to the ProductWriter Cloud please get in touch with the team who are happy to help [email protected].

Service desk contact details update

We have recently updated our service desk contact details. Please update your records with the following information;
Telephone: 0845 456 1956
Email: [email protected]