ProductWriter Release 29.00

About our releases

The enhancements and new features delivered in every release are based on feedback by our users.
The ProductWriter suite has over £1m R&D investment every year to bring at least two major releases, filled with helpful features and changes designed to improve user experience, increase efficiency and keep our users up to speed with the latest technological advances.

Release 29.00 overview

In this release covering the Toolset & the Run Time Environment (RTE- rating engine), we have focused on automating manual processes and repetitive tasks to create greater efficiency for our users.

Toolset updates

The range of new features and improvements across the toolset includes;

  • A new user interface for scheme automation
  • Creation of tables from Excel spreadsheets
  • Collapsible regions for better ruleset navigation
  • New paste buffers for faster rules editing
  • Quick and easy removal of entries and unreferenced components
  • Import & export dictionaries to CSV functionality

Upgrade information

ProductWriter Cloud users will not need to do anything and can find the release 29.00 icon in your dashboard area containing all the new updates.

Non –cloud users

It is recommended you upgrade to release 29.00 with immediate effect along with all previous releases.

Want to move to the Cloud?

ProductWriter Cloud users benefit from increased security and greater accessibility to the software. Product development is easier as the software can be accessed from any location. The cloud also minimizes the reliance on in-house IT infrastructure resources and removes the need to manually install updates.

If you are not yet on the cloud and would like to talk to us about moving, please
email the ProductWriter Team – [email protected].

Full Toolset Release Notes

Detailed toolset release notes can be viewed here

RTE updates

The improvements introduced in this release include the following;

  • Ability to retain UDP values when clearing values between old and new risk transactions during MTAs and Renewals
  • Empty strings or empty tags can now be treated as not input entries
  • Ability to disable the loading of external files into memory

Full RTE Release Notes

Detailed RTE Release notes can be viewed here

Upgrade information

This release of ProductWriter RTE corresponds with release 29.00 of the Toolset. Please install this version of the RTE into your live system before processing the Toolset files (non-cloud users).

Next scheduled release

The next scheduled release will be 29.01 end of March 2020.

Need help?

If you have any questions about this release please email the ProductWriter team [email protected].