ProductWriter Release 27 is now available

Polaris’ ProductWriter Manager Rakesh Krishnan stated:

“We are pleased to announce the availability of r27 for ProductWriter. The ProductWriter toolset and RTE enhancements covered in this release complement the recently released r26 and provides our customers with improved functionality to define their product in an efficient and effective way. This has been possible because of all the feedback received from our user community and therefore thanks to their commitment which will help strengthen ProductWriter position in the market.”

The key features and benefits available through this release are provided below:

  • Support for Test Driven Development Methodology – As Agile software approaches are increasingly adopted by ProductWriter users there is increasing demand for Test Driven Development support. To address this the ProductWriter toolset has been enhanced to allow testing at the individual rule level.
  • Increased number of External Rating Files – The number of external rating files that can be used by a scheme has increased from 5 to 25 to support growing user demand to handle them outside the product schemes which helps with the regular updates.
  • Integrated Tabular Reports – Dictionary and Scheme reports no longer require use of Crystal Reports and open as a new tab within ProductWriter. The data can be copied and then pasted into Excel.
  • Improved Excel Import/Export Performance – The Excel import/export functionality has been updated to work with a different underlying library, providing significantly enhanced performance.

More information can be found in the PW release note (login required). Please note that this version of the ProductWriter toolset has been designed to run on r27 of the Polaris Run Time Environment (RTE).

The ProductWriter r27 Toolset is available to download from here.

DB2 Express-C Edition version 10.5 and 9.7 continue to be supported. If you need access to DB2 v10.5 please contact the Polaris Service Desk.

Release 27 of the ProductWriter Run-Time Environment (RTE) corresponds with this release of the ProductWriter Toolset. Enhancements have been made to ProductWriter which are only understood by this new version of the RTE.

The dictionaries will be updated to r27 format in September 2019. This means we would expect all insurers to upgrade to ProductWriter r27 by September 2019. ProductWriter r26.10 dictionaries will work with r26.1 or r27 of ProductWriter. The use of a ProductWriter r26.1 dictionaries will not cause issues when the move to the later release is made.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your upgrade plans or have any other suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to contact the Polaris Service Desk on 0207 265 5765 who will be pleased to help.