ProductWriter Release 33

The latest release of ProductWriter, Polaris’ market leading rating engine has just been released with the addition of 40 new features.

The new enhancements include:

  • Rules editor UI improvements: The rules editor has undergone user interface enhancements that streamline the process of creating and managing rules creation introducing a more intuitive method for defining and configuring rules.
  • Further enhancements to the external table capability with no restrictions on the number of worksheets and greater validation and governance controls. With this addition, users can have greater confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their data.
  • Automated testing UI workflow enhancements including the ability to run test cases direct from spreadsheets meaning users can test spreadsheets more efficiently and identify and fix errors quicker.
  • Forms and documents have been refreshed to enable organisations to build and manage both simple and complex customer documentation with ease.

Login and download our release notes to view the full list of new features and improvements in this release.

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About ProductWriter

ProductWriter is the UK’s most widely used product definition and high-performance rating engine used by over 80 insurers. The RTE rating engine has the speed to rate millions of quotes per hour with sub second response times, whilst the toolset allows pricing and product teams to collaborate and quickly build, test, and deploy products. ProductWriter is developed in collaboration with our users, with regular updates which address market and consumer changes so they can get the best out of ProductWriter.

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If you have any questions about this release or are interested in ProductWriter, contact the Polaris ProductWriter team: [email protected]