ProductWriter Release 30.00

This is the second major release in 2020, covering both the ProductWriter Toolset and the Run Time Environment (RTE-rating engine).

The main focus of this release was around giving our users the capability to import machine learning models and to provide greater flexibility in updating rates.

ProductWriter Release 30.00 overview

Key new features in this release include:
External Tables
Enabling easier and quicker management of rates for pricing teams.

Import of Predictive Data Modelling
This allows for the import of machine learning models into insurance products, creating the ability for more intelligent pricing decisions.

Secured Storage Area
Teams using ProductWriter Cloud can now easily share files.

A number of improvements have also been made including:
Improved Group Handling

Ability to Merge into Original Scheme
Giving users better control of scheme version management.

Ability to View Multiple Copies of the Debugger
Users can better observe a product, resolve issues quicker and compare products side by side.

Full release note details

Login and download our release notes to view the full list of new features and improvements in this release.

Toolset Release Notes
RTE Release Notes

Upgrade information

ProductWriter Cloud users do not need to do anything. A ProductWriter r30.00 shortcut will be provided to launch r30.00, so you can enjoy all the new features straight away.
If you are not currently on ProductWriter Cloud, you will need to download and install the upgrade files.
Updates have been made to the RTE to support the new functionality and improvements in this release.

This release of ProductWriter RTE corresponds with release 30.00 of the Toolset. You will need to upgrade your RTE to r30.00 before you can build products in r30.00 version of the Toolset. Please install this version of the RTE into your live system before processing the ProductWriter r30 files.
You will also need to verify that your associated software houses and brokers are on r30.00 before distributing products built using r30.00.

Want to move to the Cloud?
ProductWriter Cloud users benefit from automatic updates, increased security and greater access to the software.
ProductWriter Cloud means users can log in from any location and removes the constraints of having to log in to an insurer system or be tied to working in the office.

Get in touch with the ProductWriter team to find out more information.
ProductWriter Team – [email protected].

Next release

The next scheduled major release is for January 2021.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this release or are interested in ProductWriter please email the ProductWriter Team – [email protected].