Polaris Team Goes to CGI, India

Polaris MD, Vivek Banga, and Head of ProductWriter, Martin Thornhill, recently embarked on a journey to Bengaluru, India to visit CGI and get to know better our ProductWriter software development team that is resourced by CGI from their India offices. In addition to meeting the team, they had very productive discussions with Shilpa Narasimhaiah and Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, our CGI service delivery managers and the wider CGI, India management team.

During their visit, CGI familiarised Vivek and Martin with key technological innovations that they are working on, including in the rapidly developing area of AI. Meanwhile, we gave our CGI team an overview of Polaris, the UK insurance industry and our client’s expectations from ProductWriter over the coming years.

Aside from their professional engagements, Vivek and Martin’s time in Bengaluru was enriched by memorable experiences – they immersed themselves in the local culture, explored the vibrant streets in a tuk-tuk and savoured a diverse array of local delicacies.