Polaris Invites Standards Subscribers to Trial New API

Polaris Online Database (POD) is where Standards users access our EDI messaging standards and over 350 code lists containing in excess of 35,000 values, covering everything from types of vehicle modifications to breeds of cats and dogs.

Why We Introduced the API

Each month we release updates to the POD. These updates are often in response to requests from our Standards subscribers with some changes agreed by our Electronic Trading Practices Groups, whose members are Standards users from across the industry, alongside industry bodies who work together with us to highlight market and consumer changes. Updates are also made in line with industry related initiatives and regulatory and legislation changes.

Currently, users login to POD and choose the code lists and documents they want to download. This option will continue to be available for users who want to take this approach.

However, the introduction of the API means that lists and their updates can be accessed in a more beneficial and convenient way. Users will no longer have to login to POD and instead can access multiple documents and updates they need via the API and download the required information in JSON format.

Schedule Downloads and Connect with Various Languages

Users will also have the ability to schedule downloads and can connect with POD using various languages including Python, C# and Ruby.

Save Time and Access Information When You Need It

Using the API will not only save users time through the automation of downloads but will also provide the capability to instantly access critical business information when it is needed.

Join the Trial

We would like to invite some of our subscribers to trial the API in advance of making this widely available.

If you would like to be part of the trial or have any questions about the API, please email Steve Waller, Head of Standards at [email protected].

We’d like to thank our Standards user community for your continued support and will be pleased to provide further updates as this new initiative is rolled out.