Polaris’ David Simpkin Attends Roundtable Discussion on Digital Transformation

The event hosted by Post magazine in conjunction with Equinix prompted discussions around the customer journey, customer expectations and the adoption of technology within the industry.
At present industry organisations are looking to move away from legacy systems but face challenges bringing together multiple systems, finding a best fit solutions alongside understanding how they can use their pools of data to their advantage.

Here’s a snippet of one of the topics David spoke about focusing on customer experience,

“If you look wider into customer experience elsewhere whether you’re buying a kettle online or buying insurance online, your expectations are going to be that you want a seamless digital experience whether its omni-channel or multi-channel. That is the day-to-day expectation of many people in the country.”
“How other technology start-ups are doing that can bring valuable insights for the big global insurers. We haven’t had that in the past. And that is when you start looking at the cloud route and asking whether that is cost-effective and how you might get value from it.”

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