Polaris Attends Broker Expo 2021

Polaris were excited to be back interacting with the insurance industry’s broker community at Broker Expo, held at Coventry Building Society Arena on Thursday 11th November.

Attendees from Polaris were Simon Bloomfield (Head of imarket), David Simpkin (ProductWriter Manager) and Sylvia Ashpole (Business Analyst).

The event was our first opportunity to interact with the broker community since 2019.

Simon comments

“It was great to see Brokers, Insurers and technology providers again after two years of not being able to attend a conference of this size. We always enjoy Broker Expo as an opportunity especially to meet Brokers and help them understand how imarket and Standards can enable them be more effective in their business.

“During the course of the day we saw quite a number of brokers using various industry systems and got to understand their digital challenges which will help inform Polaris in its own development plans.”

Polaris Attendance At Future Events

Now that face to face events are starting to happen again, we are looking forward to attending the BIBA Conference in May ‘22 and Broker Expo in November ‘22.