Polaris Annual Christmas Event 2019

Vivek Banga, Managing Director comments

“The Polaris annual event brings together the ever growing online trading community within the UK insurance industry. We work very closely with this community which includes industry professionals who are often both our clients using our products and our advisers helping us evolve our products by participating in our various advisory groups. This event is our way of thanking the industry for its tremendous support of our products and services.”

During the event our Product Managers presented awards to some of their clients who they recognised for their contribution and involvement in supporting and shaping the work that we do.
Many congratulations again to the following;

Phil Richards (SSP)

Ali Spencer (First Central)

Jill Stephens (Click4Assistance)

Corrine Pringle (QBE)

Nilgun Akinlosotu (Hastings Direct)

Chris Davies (Acturis)

Earlier in the day there was a session dedicated for ProductWriter users. The session was led by CGI and the ProductWriter team who ran through this year’s releases and updates.

During the session attendees were taken through the ProductWriter cloud launch which removes in-house systems maintenance pressures and creates greater accessibility and control for users. The users were also able to see first hand the benefits that Release 28 has delivered on UX improvements and automation changes.

Rakesh Krishnan, ProductWriter Manager comments

“We were pleased the attendees were interactive throughout the presentation and were excited about the new range of functionality being introduced.

“The event was a great opportunity for the team to showcase the changes and get valuable feedback and insight from users. We had some excellent questions and ideas for future additions. ”

The event ended with a view of the 2020 roadmap which will involve three releases next year with some significant changes, especially on integration with emerging technologies and on externalising tables.

Thank you to everyone who attended – it was a great day!