Polaris Annual Award Winners 2020

In normal circumstances the winners would have been announced during our annual Christmas event, which is widely attended by the UK General Insurance industry’s digital community.

As an industry owned organisation, we pride ourselves on the 1,000+ annual hours of industry support that we receive, as we develop our products and services – Standards, ProductWriter and imarket – for the benefit of the industry. With most of the industry working remotely for most of the year, it was especially encouraging to see that all our advisory groups continued to be held and very well attended.

These awards represent our sincere gratitude for this fantastic industry support in addition to recognising noteworthy contributions – both during the year and long term – from people who work within our client or stakeholder organisations.

Here are the names of the winners of the 2020 Polaris Annual Awards!


Suze Harrison & Lindsay Lacey (Ageas)
For their very comprehensive and considered feedback on all matters relating to Commercial Lines, throughout the year.

Shaune Worrall (BIBA)
For the advice and broker market perspective given to Polaris and both the Personal and Commercial Lines advisory groups, throughout the year.


Charlotte Hock (ERS) & Sundaram Ramakrishnan (CGI)
For their contributions towards the development and rollout of ProductWriter Cloud, as this relatively new initiative continues to be adopted by the ProductWriter community.

Steven Woodhouse (Hastings) & Darren Johnson (RSA)
For their excellent contributions throughout the year, in identifying and scoping several key ProductWriter enhancements.

Debbie Musselwhite (LV=)
For her longstanding support and promotion of ProductWriter, with her contributions spanning 20+ years.


Voitech Bortkevic & Stephanie Hunter (IBM)
Edward Wilding (Acturis)
For their contributions towards imarket making a successful transition to IBM Cloud in 2020, with no significant customer issues. The imarket v10 upgrade was a complex initiative that involved all imarket participants – insurers, broker software platforms, IBM and Polaris. This move has ensured that imarket is now hosted in a more modern and resilient infrastructure that can well support its growing transaction volumes.

Many congratulations to all our winners!!

Thank you from all of us at Polaris to the users of our products and services, and the industry’s wider digital community for your continued support throughout the year. We are at our best when we work in partnership with the industry to deliver products and services for its benefit.

We wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and festive season and look forward to working with you in 2021.