Motorhome Standard Published

Polaris has published a new e-trading standard to support the Motorhome business.

The Standard followed discussions at Polaris’ Personal Lines e-trading Standards forum, when an insurer reported that they were forced to deal with these types of vehicles manually. The current Standard, covering cars and bikes, did not cover the additional data required for motorhomes.

Other insurers confirmed that many were in the same position. This was further evidenced when Polaris checked comparison websites and found that returned quotes for these vehicles were limited to a relatively small panel.

It was also apparent that additional data, over and above the data used for private cars, was required to be able to rate these vehicles. For example, whether the motorhome is used as a permanent residence, how many berths it has, and the value of fixtures and fittings and accessories.

In response, Polaris developed a Standard that supports collection of this data, which has been published on our website for stakeholders to develop their e-trading capability.

If you are interested in reviewing the published Standard and already subscribe to Personal Lines Standards, you can find the document here. Any feedback is welcomed.

If you are not a subscriber, please contact us.