Martin Thornhill New Head of ProductWriter

ProductWriter welcomes back Martin Thornhill

Martin previously worked on ProductWriter over 10 years ago, where he oversaw the biggest release to date. Release 22 overhauled a lot of the user interface and introduced fundamental new functionality.
From 2014, Martin managed Polaris imarket before kicking off the Good Customer Outcomes initiative in 2016.

Martin comments

“I am pleased to be back leading the ProductWriter proposition, with a team that is larger and stronger than it has ever been. We will be focusing our efforts more on working with our clients to deliver changes and enhancements including technology that will help our community work more efficiently.

“There’s exciting times ahead for ProductWriter users with our next big release in the summer months. Release 30.00 will introduce the capability for our users to import machine learning models, giving insurers even more rating capability than ever before.

“We are on track with our releases despite the current uncertainties that affect us all. We aim to push out at least two major releases every year and this year is no exception, with the addition of a couple of mini releases. As ever we are always on the look out for new technologies we can incorporate to make our users lives easier and give their business a competitive edge.

“Over the years I have seen ProductWriter develop into a really powerful tool that has transformed digital pricing and rating. We will continue to develop ProductWriter with guidance from our users so that it can both fulfill their business needs and continue to be the UK’s leading rating engine.

“It’s important to thank our users for continuously sharing their thoughts and ideas so we can endeavor to develop ProductWriter for the benefit of both individual businesses and collectively the entire insurance industry.”