International Women’s Day – Julia Layland

As part of International Women’s Day, we interviewed our Project Manager Julia Layland about her role at Polaris and her career journey so far.

What does a Project Manager do at Polaris?

I am responsible for managing change effectively and efficiently within our business – whether that’s driven by technology, business growth, regulation, client needs or anything else. So I co-ordinate all our project activities to achieve a particular objective, on time and on budget.

How did you get into your role and was it your dream?

I grew up in what was then the USSR, and coming to the UK was my first big change to experience and embrace. I saw great value in being open-minded and staying focused on solutions and desired outcomes – something that was natural and enjoyable to me. As a little girl I wanted to be a Princess, and in all the ways that matter I think I am!

What change have you seen in the insurance industry?

Over the last 20 years ago, I noticed more equality and ever-increasing opportunities for women. Our unique points of perception drive continuous progress.

The management at Polaris is very supportive of diversity, there are more women than men in my team! I bring my international spiciness to Polaris and feel I am appreciated for that.

International Women's Day quote

What’s your advice for a successful career and life?

Know and be your authentic self, follow your interests, look for positive aspects in everything, look for reasons to enjoy the journey. I believe if you give time and space things always work out.

What do you do when you’re NOT at work?

I lead a mindful lifestyle, noticing and appreciating little things every day. I enjoy practicing yoga and Qigong, as well as gardening and hiking in nature – and I also love to travel! I think you learn so much by experiencing different environments and fresh perspectives.