CGI Celebrate Polaris Month

On Friday 29th of May, the Polaris ProductWriter team and CGI jointly hosted a video prize giving event, with over 50 members of the CGI Polaris team in attendance.

The CGI Polaris team, who operate out of both UK and India, work exclusively on the Polaris ProductWriter proposition. Their efforts include software development, testing, product training and help desk support.

The prize giving concluded a month long initiative led by CGI, which aimed to highlight team collaboration, despite remote working throughout these uncertain times.

The weekly events included catch ups, quizzes and fun activities, with prize winners receiving Amazon gift cards.
A few new team members joined just before and during lockdown, so the regular meet ups were a great opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and get involved in the activities.
Through the quizzes the CGI team were able to learn more about Polaris and ProductWriter and the role that ProductWriter plays within the insurance industry.

Several fun activities were introduced throughout the month to encourage team members to share their creative side including, logo designs and a TikTok style video, in which team member passed a paper plane across the world.

Head of ProductWriter at Polaris, Martin Thornhill comments on the event:

“It was a real pleasure to be able to join the CGI team for this fun event, which was especially relevant in these difficult times. I personally see the CGI team as an extension of the Polaris team in the way we serve our customers. The service that Polaris receives from CGI is always of great quality and it’s great to see that this has continued without any issue during this pandemic.

“I send my thanks to the CGI team for all their hard work; we’ve had great successes over the years and this is set to continue with all the hard work that has gone in to maintaining ProductWriter’s position as the leading rating engine within the UK insurance industry.
Well done to all!”

CGI Director Consulting Services for Insurance, Jason Potter added:

“Polaris Month has been a light hearted way to bring our UK and India team together, supporting one another in these challenging times whilst learning more about our team mates and the critical role Polaris plays in facilitating trading in the UK market.

“We were delighted to have Martin and members of the Polaris team join us for our final session, emphasising the strength of partnership between Polaris and CGI, a relationship that goes back over 20 years”

Polaris and CGI’s long-standing partnership

Since 1997, Polaris have had a great relationship with CGI, assisting in developing ProductWriter- the UK’s leading rating engine.

Annually, Polaris releases 2-3 major releases of ProductWriter alongside a couple of mini releases. These releases aim to continue to refresh the user experience and introduce new functionality and technology into ProductWriter.

Polaris and CGI continuously work very closely with clients and users and take great pride in how closely the interaction with users is managed. Any improvements or new features Polaris introduce are geared around improving the software for users and continuously developing ProductWriter in line with emerging technologies in the industry, helping clients to achieve their business goals and stay competitive.

Polaris are very grateful to CGI for the development work and support they have provided over the years!