What are the Electronic Trading Practices Groups? (ETPG)

ETPGs serve as a collaborative forum for resolving industry-wide Standards issues, involving insurers, software houses, intermediaries, and industry bodies like ABI, BIBA, and MIB.

We have separate ETPG meetings for Personal and Commercial lines.

Looking to join?

The Groups meet regularly, and as a subscriber, you can attend the meetings either in person or remotely via video conference. Alternatively, you can request to be added to our mailing list to receive the latest meeting agendas and minutes.

Functions of the ETPGs

The functions of the ETPGs are to:

  • Maintain best practices for digital trading in Personal and Commercial Lines
  • Develop and document members’ views on digital trading standards
  • Develop and document guidelines to support successful implementation of digital trading standards
  • Foster member contribution to future initiatives

Why were the Groups formed?

The Groups were formed to address the fact that with large numbers of brokers, some standardisation in technical protocols and insurer-broker business practises is necessary for trading to take place.

Without the support of the ETPG, each insurer and each broker would have to enter into individual agreements about technical and business standards which would be time consuming, expensive and inefficient for each party.

Our mission is to stay current with market and regulatory changes, as well as encouraging our Standards users to contribute to changes and developments of Standards to ensure their ongoing relevance and usefulness for the Personal Lines and Commercial Lines markets.

Get in touch

Email [email protected] or [email protected] to join the relevant ETPG and share your input on future changes to the industry’s Commercial Lines and Personal Lines Standards.